Amazing tea and candles!
“So far I have ordered the lavender candle and love the way it smells. The Zenergy tea tastes great and helps me get a little extra boost when I need it. And I can’t forget about my moon chakra infuser, I love it!“

-Jaclyn S.


Sunshine Blend-smooth and intoxicating

“Sunshine Blend It's a medley of chamomile, mint and lavender. It says it can help start the day bright or help relax at night. I am a huge fan of a 50/50 mix chamomile and lavender at night time. This is definitely a night time tea for me. The aroma is heady and filled the room while it was steeping. The addition of mint is slightly refreshing, but not too much (in a good way). This tea is so smooth and intoxicating.”

Jennifer A.